Annette salle de classe

(Français) Annette est une juste, une résistante, une militante, une porteuse de valises du FLN, une chercheuse en neurobiologie, une mère de trois enfants, une femmes aux vies multiples. Portrait.

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[THORIUM] The far side of nuclear power


Thorium Molten salt reactor : a technology you’ve probably never even heard of. It’s hardly surprising since for 70 years, it has been inexplicably kept under wraps by the nuclear industry, despite the fact it could revolutionise energy production.
It offers the promise of nuclear energy without waste and without danger. The “green atom” : fact or fiction? Research that was dropped without explanation in 1945, has now become a topic of lively discussion.

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He was Charlie

affiche Cavanna

The implicite story about to be forgotten of Cavanna, first man who could say “I am Charlie”. A full-length feature film about François Cavanna who built Charlie Hebdo & Hara Kiri, who invented satirical press, who wrote “Les Ritals” et amoung 60 books and who died January 2014. The film is based on several interviews with Cavanna, forgotten archives and unprecedented testimonies of men like Siné, Willem, Delfeil de Ton and Sylvie Caster.

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