Munch, Brothers till the end

This story takes place in the French region of Lorraine, in the heart of the coalfields, not far away from Germany. Early in 1980, beginning of deindustrialization, metalworkers would occupy their factory for 947 days in the hopes of saving their jobs. The factory was called Munch and this battle was a record in France.

Norbert Klein started to work there in 1969 at the age of 17. Charismatic leader of this movement, he decided to buy a camera in order to film his comrades and the fight from the inside as the struggle dragged on.

Thirty years later, we use Norbert’s archives and meet again the protagonists of the conflict to ask them : is Munch’s battle repeatable today or is it simply a relic of the past?

Munch, Brothers till the end is an intimate reflexion about the future of the working-class.

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  • Writer : Denis Robert
  • Director : Denis Robert
  • Camera : Nina Robert and François Festor
  • Sound : Tristan Thil and Christian Lamalle
  • Editing : Nina Robert
  • Production : Emmanuelle Vincent
  • Running time : 53’43
  • Year : 2013
  • Channels : France 3 Lorraine & France 3 National

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